Ramiro Franco

A Boring Christmas Story

Written on Sunday December 25, 2011 at 9:52 p.m.

I want to be clear, that I'm not complaining about the lack of excitement this holiday season. It has passed very much like previous ones have in recent years. I'm actually pretty relieved that nothing new or tragic has popped up to make this weekend any fuller than it's already been.

We did have the addition this year of my younger sister's boyfriend, who's a pretty fun guy. We got to show him and my sister The Observatory and Ground Kontrol the night before. Both of which felt like good "Portlandy" choices to take out-of-state visitors to.

I spent Christmas Eve at my families home, watched moves and played video games until midnight We opened presents then and had a couple of drinks before we said our good nights.

This morning Brenda and I went north to her parent's house to unwrap more gifts and enjoy a good family day. Lunch or Dinner is cooking now and it smells great but as picky as I am, I'm not sure what the choices available to me will be when the food is done cooking.