Ramiro Franco

Attending the Winter Social

Written on Wednesday December 14, 2011 at 6:40 a.m.

I participated in the Coder's Winter Social today hosted at Urban Airship, and managed to meet at least a few people. A couple of those were trekkies / Joss Whedon fans so I had a pretty good time chatting about that for a bit.

I managed to meet someone there with a really interesting project idea, that I won't reveal here in case she wants to keep that private, but I am hoping she sends me a message regarding that so I can help do some work on it, even if my schedule has been kind of packed recently.

I think I've made a choice not to go back to school. I really like the idea of being back in classes, and it can never hurt to continue your education, but financially it's probably not worth the benefit I would get out of going back at this point. I'm already doing what I love, every day. I still have time before I have to decide, maybe if my fafsa funding comes through i'll go.