Ramiro Franco

Warming up

Written on Tuesday February 9, 2016 at 3:17 a.m.

Last night I was doing a little bit of clean up before bed and I heard a loud, terrifying, gurgling sound come up from my basement. It wasn't so frightening as conjure images of lovecraftian horrors or any some such, but enough that I felt I had to investigate to make sure my house was sinking into a new hot spring.

I go downstairs, follow the sound ( all of like, ten feet away ) and quickly find that it's coming from my furnace. I did some google searching with what little I knew about what I was looking at and ended up deciding to call an expert first thing in the morning.

Next thing I know my wife wakes me up freaking out about it and even though I assured her that the internet seemed to think we were ok with the heat on for the time being, she insisted we turned it down ( to a frigid sixty-five degrees ) until we could get someone to come look at it.

Only about six hours later, and fifteen degrees colder than what I'm used to, an HVAC specialist shows up to save the day. Turns out though, that the horrific gurgling coming from my basement was actually just the sound of condensation evaporating from my furnace and wasn't at all something to be concerned about. He did find however that our filtration system was woefully neglected, and suggested (and taught me how to) I replace it.

That was a hundred and fifty dollars and a few hours ago. So now I'm just waiting for my wife to come home so I can go out and fetch said filters, but at least I have the heat back up.