Ramiro Franco

Because I'm up too

Written on Monday January 25, 2016 at 10:18 a.m.

Where to start. I guess, the biggest thing that's passed since I last wrote was that I lost a couple of very special people in my life, my maternal grand parents. It was a long and sad time. I spent months in Mexico, learning not just about my family but about myself as well.

My grandmother was the kindest woman you could ever hope to meet. She was an artist, she was strong, and she had so much love. She managed to raise a whole herd of children, and then was still able to dole out more care and support for her dozens of grand children.

My grandfather was my nick-name-sake. I am the spitting image of him, and I hope that I find the strength to carve out a successful path in life the way he did. He owned a farm, a brickyard, and leased several properties. If I could just find a portion of that drive in me, I know I'll find a way to contribute to my community. He laughed often, he never neglected any of his friends or family, and he always found a way to make party more fun.

None of this was particularly recent, I just haven't really had the time to let myself think about it. To actually feel and hurt and process and what have you, and honestly I think there's still more of that I need to do.