Ramiro Franco

Educating Portland

Written on Thursday May 30, 2013 at 3:48 p.m.

Yesterday I ventured out for lunch with Dave and Kevin to meet a promising young man named (Jackson Gariety)[http://jacksongariety.com]. We had no real expectations or requests, just wanted an opportunity to pick his brain and maybe get his perspective on a couple of things.

We first talked about his ambitious and promising entrepreneurial goals, we talked about his educational goals, and then we talked about his experience teaching a programming class at his school, to a class of only eleven students even though one-hundred-and-fifty or so had applied, because those were all the computers the school could muster for the course.

That last snippet rejuvenated my concern for the Portland education system. I feel high school is an important part of education for most people, so that they have a good rounded introduction to several subjects ( and at least some grasp of world history ) before entering college. It seemed however, that what high school should be, is far from what it actually is at the moment.

I know I can't change things all by myself, but I can certainly help raise awareness of how bad things are. So I intend to.

I was also inspired to start up my own mentoring / beginner programming workshop oriented toward youth again. I have the space, it's just a matter of organizing it and making the time at this point.