Ramiro Franco

Long Evenings.

Written on Saturday April 28, 2012 at 12:53 a.m.

I've been working more than I probably should, again. With committing hours to multiple contractors on top of my usual work at CrowdCompass, and my own private projects. I feel like I have way more time to projects and work than actual time available for probably the next month or so.

I have been able to schedule a few moments in from time to time. I started my FFXIV account back up and I love all the changes they've made to the game, and recently I through a huge birthday bash for myself that was a rousing success.

The festivities involved a signature cocktail, the French 75, which Angela helped me pick up supplies for. We had sushi, cheese, charcuterie for snacking around the house. We had a bunch of great music videos on the big tv. My friends came together to get me some amazing gifts, and we all celebrated the night away. It was a probably one of the better parties I have had and possibly one of the best I will have.