Ramiro Franco

White Noise

Written on Tuesday February 28, 2012 at 3:23 p.m.

Last Saturday I finally managed to take a trip out to the Timberline Lodge to snow board. This was actually my first time ever doing so. I found it enjoyable enough, despite white-out conditions and the fact the weather was bad enough that they had closed all but the pucci and bunny lift. I didn't managed to master turning, but I can make it to the bottom of the slope and only eat snow once when I hit the bottom, which has to be some kind of progress. I intend to go back as soon as it's financially feasabile to, but that may take a little while given how costly this sport is.

Returning from my trip I managed to misplaced my nice little sony earbuds and had to work a day without them. I think I was probably 32% less productive that day. So today I made sure to bring in my skullcandy headphones that I had lying about at my desk at home which reminded me just how tinny and terrible the sound from these is.

I wish I could give you a model name so you know which ones to specifically avoid, but unfortunately I can't seem to find one on these. They were one of the 40$ variants of skullcandy, so it's probably safe to avoid just everything in that range from them.